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The Crazy World of Salvador Dalí

Dalí Triangle

przez Ewa Nowak

The Crazy World of Salvador Dalí

Exploration of the Catalonian province can be very exciting! Especially if it’s protagonist is a daydreaming painter
A surreal journey along the trail of Salvador Dali is an experience after which nothing will be the same …

Theater Museum in Figueres
Our first destination will be Figueres, the last Spanish city on the way to France. In the early 1970’s, already internationally acclaimed Dali, is transforming 19th century theater, into temple of his own creativity.  While wandering through the maze of the museum rooms we are suprised by the multiple aspects of life reflected in his works: music, science, religion just mentioned a few.
Dali was a versatile artist, so apart from sculptures and paintings, we come across installations, holograms and even jewelery. Everyone enjoys Dali’s art, regardless of age because he had a great sense of humor and was very pictorial.

Castle in Pubol
The least known element on our triangle route is the mansion that Salvador bought for his Russian muse, Gala.  The former medieval castle reflects the eccentric nature of the artist’s wife.  We realize this when we find an imaginary family coat of arms, painted pictures on the upholstery of furniture or when we find Richard Wagner’s heads in a garden fountain.  The most surreal in the history of their marriage is that Dali was allowed to visit his wife only on her written invitation!

House museum in Port Lligat
At the very northern tip of the Costa Brava, we find the moon-like peninsula of Cap de Creus with a truly otherworldly atmosphere.  It does not come as a surprise that Dali chose this place for his residence.  Today, the painter’s house, open to visitors, was built as a result of joining three fishermen’s houses. This settlement near Cadaques; the archetype of a white Mediterranean town; ideal place to enjoy your Mediterranean lunch!
From a distance, it seems that the local whitewashed houses are constantly bathed in the sea manes.  In the house-museum, you can literally feel the presence of the famous surrealist.  At the entrance, we are greeted by a stuffed bear and in the studio we can find the last unfinished painting of the master.
An exclusive experience !!!

Note that it is possible to visit two of three aforementioned places in one day


Full Day Tour, Price 130€ per person (min 2 persons)

+ tickets 14€ Museum + 9€ Pubol castle  ( 2022 prices )

Reservations: [email protected], please indicate the number of people and dates that you are interested.

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