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If you are planning to visit Barcelona join our photo sessions which will make your stay unforgettable, thanks to beautiful photos took by Kate.

Mediterranean, romantic, fun photography in Barcelona and Catalonia. For couples, solo-travelers, families. Engagement photographer in Barcelona. Surprise proposals, elopements, weddings.

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Tell us something about you: where are you from? what do you love? why have you decide to visit Barcelona? for how long are you going to stay here? We will give you some suggestions to help you choose the perfect place for session and we will send you an offer which will be suitable for you!

Find out more about our photographer Kate:

Hello! I´m a marriage proposal photographer in Barcelona, and I also shoot weddings, elopements and just love! Take photographs of happy people from all over the world who visit lovely Barcelona and Catalonia, full of charming and romantic venues. I’m totally captivated and inspired by the stunning light and colors of the Mediterranean and by the city elegance and energy of Barcelona. I love the optimistic and sunny vibes which can be found everywhere here. And you will fall for it too!

Barcelona is a woman, a Gypsy wizard, seduces and casts a spell, never stops to surprise. 


The gardens, old Gothic town, the nineteenth-century chic, Art Nouveau elegance and fantasy, modernity, street art, the sea, the beach and lovely coastline…. several viewpoints from which you can admire a skyline, diverse places of entertainment and delicious food, sunny weather and warm people, Barcelona has it all!

My best value is my ability to connect with people and capture their real essence. My sessions are relaxed and become a fun experience. I´m really into pictures that make you feel. Love natural, in-between moments that show who you really are. Natural light, fresh, scenic, genuine photos and cinematic look are all things that delight me. Think we´d be a good fit?